Tea tree essential oil is an elixir of wellness that can restore health and vitality to you and your party members in several ways. As a potent skin care ingredient, it can act as a natural remedy for a range of skin concerns.

The aromatherapy benefits of tea tree oil are just another aspect of this restorative natural ingredient. Whether you’re out fighting monsters or scavenging for hidden treasures—tea tree oil can boost your immunity and improve your ability to stay calm and remain focused. Read on to discover the range of therapeutic benefits you can unlock with D20’s tea tree oil bath bombs.

The Historical Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Even before scientific research had revealed the vast range of benefits they offered as an essential oil, tea tree leaves were used as a natural medicinal treatment by the Aboriginal people of Australia. They commonly used tea tree as part of herbal medicines and as a natural antiseptic. These antimicrobial properties are one of the reasons why tea tree bath bombs are so restorative. In fact, the Aboriginal people would crush tea tree leaves and apply them at the site of any wound, infection, or insect bite.

While the aromatherapy benefits of tea tree essential oil have been unlocked much more recently, the Aboriginal Australians still found ways to harness its scent for various purposes.

The scent of tea tree was used to create a soothing atmosphere in various healing rituals, as well as to uplift one’s mood and increase focus or clarity. Owing to the antiseptic properties of tea tree leaves, the Aboriginal people likely associated its scent with a cleansing and purifying effect. Even respiratory issues or blockages could be treated by inhaling the aroma of crushed tea tree leaves. The soothing aroma of a tea tree oil bath could help to clarify stress and fogginess. Additionally, the scent of tea tree oil was also used by them to repel insects and mosquitoes.

It was in the 1920s that the antimicrobial benefits of tea tree essential oil were scientifically brought to light in a paper published by an Australian chemist called Arthur Penfold. Then, during the Second World War, a move was made to include tea tree oil as a component of the first aid kits issued to soldiers. This further contributed to the growing use of tea tree oil and an awareness of its benefits.

How is Tea Tree Essential Oil Made?

While the Aboriginal peoples of Australia used to crush tea tree leaves in order to use them, we are now able to extract it as an essential oil through steam distillation. D20’s experienced Alchemists follow a lengthy process to harness the many benefits of tea tree and to produce essential oil from this wondrous plant native to Australia.

First, leaves are harvested from fully grown tea tree plants to undergo distillation. This is a process where the leaves are steamed which leads to the evaporation of the oil contained in them. We gather this extracted vapor through condensation and begin the process of separating the condensed water and the oil. Since the oil floats on top, it can easily be collected.

From here, it’s important to filter out any remaining impurities or plant residue so that the essential oil can be bottled in its purest form. For this process, it’s wise to use bottles with darker tinted glass as this prevents the degradation of oil from light exposure over time.

What are the Benefits of Using Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Woman applying tea tree essential oil on hand

There are a range of everyday uses of tea tree oil which come with countless benefits for the body and the mind. We incorporate tea tree oil into our bath products to help party members of all classes relax and recharge after intense sessions of combat and adventure. Not only does tea tree oil improve skin health and soothe irritation—it can also lower chances of infections and combat bacteria. Gamers who struggle with acne or skin conditions may enjoy the clarifying benefits of tea tree essential oil and find this a worthy addition to their wellness topical applications.

One of the benefits of tea tree oil includes its use for aromatherapy, which has long been a holistic treatment with a rich history. For instance, it can be difficult to focus on relaxing when you’ve got an avalanche of worries on your plate. In such cases, adding tea tree oil to your bath regimen is one way to let the day’s stresses flow out of your body and create an atmosphere of calmness. This can also help you channel your problem-solving skills and work towards the collective benefit of your party members when presented with challenges.

Some legends foretell that sore muscles and tea tree oil are seldom found in tandem. Many a weary adventurer has enjoyed respite from tense muscles and aching limbs after a languid tea tree oil infused bath. While tea tree oil is known to boost overall healing and amplify your rate of recovery, it can also function as a natural deodorant to keep body odor at bay. With this range of benefits, you’re on your way to gaining +1 constitution and charisma. Talk about range!

These are a few benefits of tea tree essential oil that have made it widely sought-after among chemists and non-chemists, alike. You might consider reaching for this ingredient while preparing restorative concoctions to revive your dwindling health stores after an arduous adventure.

Sharpen Your Senses and Center Yourself

It’s possible to unlock a host of health and aromatherapy benefits of tea tree oil by making a minor change to your wellness routine. Trying our tea tree bath bomb set is a great way to enter a zen state and center yourself after an eventful quest. Your nighttime routine may be forever changed with the rejuvenating and calming benefits of tea tree essential oil.

Carl Carngey