Adventuring damp caves and fending off creatures of the dark is certainly not a new hobby—Dungeons & Dragons has been a popular hobby for quite some time now, leading dads old and new to the amazing game. With Father’s Day around the corner, you might be looking for the perfect gifts for your nerdy dad—whether he’s a long-time gamer or new to the hobby, any of this selection will be a perfect fit.

A New Dice Set

Obvious, yes, but the importance of a full dice set cannot be overlooked! Dice are a crucial part of decision making in DnD, and would make an excellent Father’s Day gift. Many players enjoy getting new dice at the start of a new campaign, or theming the dice they use around the character they have chosen to play that night, helping players get connected to their game and collect great looking pieces.

Dice are typically referred to by the letter “d” and the number of faces they have (i.e d6 is a 6-sided die, 68 is an 8-sided die, d20 is 20-sided, etc.), with a full set consisting of a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d% die. Most dice come as matching sets, but there are also ways to purchase bulk dice for a large collection of mismatched dice.

A Grid Playmat

While much of DnD can be played without a map (typically called “theater of the mind”), the combat of DnD greatly benefits from playing on a grid-map or hex-map, allowing players to measure distances and sightlines, and see the world in which they are playing. If he doesn’t already have one, a grid playmat can be an excellent Father’s Day gift for your nerdy dad. Ideal grid playmats feature a square-grid one side and a hex-grid on the other side, and are typically good for use with wet- or dry-erase markers, enabling DMs to draw out their maps on the fly, or draw notes for their players.

Playmats aren’t crucial to the enjoyment of DnD, but significantly improve the experience of combat and distance measurement, making them great for tables that are particularly interested in fighting or wargaming. Plus, a blank playmat can also be used for other TTRPGs or board games that a truly nerdy dad is sure to play.

An orc miniature holding an axe.

Miniature Kits

After dice and maps are all set up, the next thing to go into the game are miniatures. In tabletop gaming, miniatures refer to the small plastic figures players use to represent their characters, typically around a cubic inch in size. Most “minis” are unpainted and plastic, primed for customization and expression with miniature paint. If he has a collection of minis already, or is always talking about their favorite character to play, a miniature kit can make an excellent Father’s Day gift for your nerdy dad.

With so many mini design companies out there, there are a wide variety of minis to choose from. From materials like wood and metal, pre-painted minis, and even completely custom-designed minis to truly represent a character, the world of mini creation is wide and deep.

A Die Bath Bomb

For dads who enjoy taking baths, a DnD bath bomb set could be the perfect Father’s Day gift. Our bath bombs are infused with essential oils and cleansing compounds to provide a relaxing and soothing experience, which is perfect after a long day of adventuring. Plus, our bath bombs come with a surprise 20-sided die inside. It’s like two gifts in one for your nerdy dad!

A DnD-themed Board Game

Dungeons & Dragons isn’t limited to just tabletop RPG—there are also a collection of board games set in the Forgotten Realms universe that make thoughtful gifts for your nerdy dad. Lords of Waterdeep is a trading game set in the eclectic and dangerous port city of Waterdeep, while HeroQuest pits players into a dungeon-delving and monster-fighting experience with monsters and treasures from the Forgotten Realms.

There is a wide collection of board games, card games, and even other TTRPGs in the market for fans of the Forgotten Realms and DnD. No matter how interested your dad is in the actual universe of DnD, these games are still very fun, and an excellent addition to a board game collection.

A DnD-themed board game

A Dice Tray

A dice tray is a simple but endlessly useful gift for your nerdy dad—especially if he plays DnD. Dice trays are an excellent tool to have in the middle of a play table, featuring a sturdy flat bottom, a small lip to catch stray dice, and a lining to ensure dice roll and don’t slide. From inexpensive mass-produced options to bespoke and handcrafted works, there are a wide variety of dice trays available on the market to fit any budget, taste, and size. The best dice trays usually have a felt or leather lining on the inside, so that dice will roll on their edges rather than slide on their faces. Some dice trays even have lids that serve as a second dice tray, providing a storage solution in addition to a 2-for-1 deal.

Unique Gifts for Tabletop Gaming

Finding a Father’s Day gift for your nerdy dad doesn’t have to be difficult. Tabletop gaming is becoming an incredibly popular hobby in many households, leading to many unique products, tools, and knick-knacks to give to your favorite DnD player. If you are a tabletop gamer yourself, consider stopping by a tabletop gaming blog to get other ideas for ways to engage with the hobby!

Carl Carnagey