Valentine’s Day is an incredibly popular event, all based around celebrating the wonder and magic of romance. From cupids to Prince Charmings, Valentine’s Day has long been a day to engage with tales of charm and fantasies, gift thoughtful items, and above all, celebrate partners who are close to you. With such a big day coming up, we curated our favorite nerdy Valentine’s day gift ideas for your significant other!

Have a Spa Day Together

Sustaining a relationship takes work, and it’s important to take some time for yourselves to relax and recuperate. Going to a spa for a bath treatment, massage, or other service is a great idea for romantic bonding, and can really help a couple feel like they are spending quality time together! Having a spa day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out, though. Consider getting a bath bomb set including dice or other knick-knack to add a nerdy flair to your Valentine’s day gift idea! Taking time to nurture yourselves together is great for bonding experiences, and can help you catch up on much needed TLC for yourself, too!

Play a Two-Player RPG

Not all RPG campaigns need a dungeon master and group of heroes to tell a story! Though a traditional game needs a special setting, rulebook, and a medium-sized group to get going, there are a ton of two-player TTRPGs out that would make for a great nerdy Valentine’s Day gift idea! Star-Crossed by Bully Pulpit HQ is a great game for lovers looking to tell a story together, while those looking for a spookier experience could check out Cthulhu Confidential by Pelgrane Press. There are many more options out there for two-player board games too, allowing you to pick and choose the particular games that you and your partner are going to love.

Go Geocaching

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, geocaching is a fun and active, and certainly nerdy Valentine’s day activity that can help you learn about your relationship and the city you live in! Geocaching consists of going to different geographic locations and discovering caches, small knick-knacks or drawings that have been left behind by other geocachers. By using a geocaching app or other service, you and your partner can go on an adventure of clue-hunting and puzzle-solving to have your own unique expedition into the unknown, learning about yourselves and your relationship like heroes of fantasy!

Geocaching tube with green cap

Visit a Board Game Cafe or Bar

Don’t have enough board games at home, or looking for a brand new nerdy Valentine’s Day experience to gift your partner? Consider taking a trip to a local board game cafe or bar, where you can get drinks, food, and fun all in one place! Board game services like these tend to have a deep and wide array of different board games, helping you to find new games you may not have found otherwise, or give games on your shopping list a try before buying!

Try a Craft Workshop

Not every nerdy valentine’s day event has to be a game or toy! For couples who want to get more hands-on or try a hobby their favorite RPG character has always been an expert at, trying a craft workshop with an instructor is a great way to explore different parts of your interests that are too time-consuming to cultivate otherwise. From blacksmithing to glassblowing, jewelry making and pottery, there are many hands-on hobbies that are sure to please any nerdy partner. If you’ve ever wished you could take a level in Artificer in real life, doing a craft workshop in one of these engaging mediums is an excellent way to do some first-hand character research, too!

A couple making a chair

Puzzle Through an Escape Room

Ever wanted to host your own jailbreak, heist, or caper? Think your significant other would make a great partner-in-crime or detective? An escape room is an excellent nerdy Valentine’s day gift experience that is sure to scratch the fantasy itch. With many themes, settings, and backstories to choose from, escape rooms offer an opportunity to get into the same action your tabletop characters would, and develop your own unique story to tell at the tavern afterwards! Whether it’s escaping a prison, completing a bank heist, or even a zombie scare, going to an escape room is a great bonding experience that will require some real teamwork.

Celebrate the Power of Love

If you’re at a loss for romantic fun, these ideas are great jumping off points to find the perfect experience on Valentine’s Day for your nerdy partner. Don’t just take it from us, though! Check our self care blog, too, where you can find plenty of gamers sharing their own ideas of what would make their Valentine’s Day great. Get more ideas for what to treat your partner with, or just get engaged with a community of gamers who are sure to celebrate this amazing day alongside you!

Carl Carngey