Lavender essential oil is a treasure revered by mages and herbalists for centuries. Its unique fragrance is synonymous for many with relaxation and aromatherapy. There are countless tales of the magical benefits of lavender essential oil for the body and mind. Some say, just from smelling the scent, a sleep spell is cast. Somewhere between myth and science, this purple flower has a reputation for its wondrous impacts, making it a legendary companion in sustaining your lifeforce after a quest. Let’s explore the true origins of lavender essential oils, their potential benefits, and why we chose this ingredient for our epic lavender bath products.

What is the History of Lavender Essential Oil?

In ancient lands of Egypt, Greece, and the Middle East, lavender was a prized commodity. The benefits of lavender essential oil went beyond the physical for many of these ancient cultures. It was used for beauty rituals by high priestesses, and the flowers were used for cleaning wounds after battle and healing diseases. Ancient cultures revered lavender for its luxurious scent. Many burned it in temples, and lavender baths were reserved for queens and kings. These cultures may not have had the modern understanding of all of the aromatherapy benefits of lavender, but they understood how scent could soothe the body and mind.

It is no surprise that in the modern world, lavender was one of the first herbs shown to have healing properties. Before lavender essential oil was infused into magical lavender bath bombs, it was one of the first essences used in aromatherapy by researcher and perfume visionary René-Maurice Gattefossé. He was one of the first to begin growing lavender for mass production and distilling it into an essential oil. He took the information gathered by lavender farmers and verified their knowledge of the benefits of lavender essential oil for scientific audiences. One story suggests that he witnessed the healing properties of lavender for himself when he was burned in a chemical explosion. Farmers told him to use lavender essential oil on the burn and this remedy supported his healing. His work helped to legitimize the use of lavender as an antiseptic. 

Today, some of the most commonly used over-the-counter creams and ointments contain the essence of lavender. As an ancient remedy, it has power both in the physical world and in the realms of Dungeons and Dragons™.

How is Essential Oil Made?

Inquiring mages may wonder, how do you harness the powerful benefits of lavender essential oil from the plant? The process involves a complex distillation and heating the plant of choice. There are many types of distillation for essential oil including cold-pressed extraction, chemical extraction, and steam distillation. One of the most common methods to create essential oil from lavender is steam distillation. The steam and vapor that floats up from the boiling mixture is captured and then cooled. 

You can also find lavender in a variety of edible oils, tinctures, and other herbal fascinations due to its intoxicating aroma. The benefit of lavender essential oil as opposed to a tea or spray is the distillation process of essential oils preserves not only the scent but the medicinal properties for long-lasting support.

What are the Benefits of Using Lavender Essential Oil?

One of the benefits of lavender is that it can be used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has a wide range of benefits and applications. In clinical settings, research shows that aromatherapy may work well with conventional medicines, helping to avoid contraindications and promote mental and physical well-being. Of the countless herbs, plants, and flowers used in aromatherapy, not many can match the strength of lavender.

Bouquet of lavender flowers

Lavender essential oil is a gem among essences because of its many uses as a mind-body self-care ally. The aromatherapy benefits of lavender make it pure gold for the health-conscious gamer. Some studies show that using the essence in a diffuser or lavender bath can reduce inflammation in the body and promote muscle relaxation thanks to its rich supply of flavonoids. Currently, lavender is even being studied in trials for its potential to help alleviate migraines. 

One of the amazing benefits of lavender essential oil is its status as an antioxidant, helping to pull toxins from the body and promote health by reducing the build-up of harmful properties in the body. This is most useful when applied to the skin in a safe manner using a lavender soap, cream, or body oil. Soaking in a lavender-infused bath bomb may reduce redness, ease skin conditions, and leave you glowing as if enchanted. 

Its physical healing properties can easily gain you +1 constitution, but its impact on the mind packs a punch as well. Another one of the helpful benefits of lavender essential oil is its ability to reduce anxiety when used as an aromatherapy complementary treatment to traditional mental health care. Lavender is known to boost mood and many people use it to help them fall asleep. Developing a self-care routine that involves lavender can help you prepare for sleep and reduce the time it takes to fall into a restful slumber.

Your Journey into Soothing Begins Here

The game may be over for the day, but your journey into the realms of luxurious soothing has just begun. Travel the warm waters of a healing spring and recover your strength with a night of pampering for your senses.

If you’re already a gifted Wizard, Fighter, or Druid, you can harness the true power and benefits of lavender essential oil with a bath bomb set to transport you to a healing paradise. Every gamer needs a victory routine infused with care and relaxation. Lavender essential oil is perfect for boosting your health naturally, gearing you up to take on the next epic quest.

Carl Carngey