Single Lavender Bath Bomb (1pcs)

Allow these lavender bath bombs to whisk you away with their calming elixir of floral and herbal notes. Breathe in the scent of relaxation and feel the relaxation seeping into your pores. Every great champion deserves a victory ritual—this gamer-inspired bath bomb will increase your health and your treasure hoard.

Lavender Bath Bombs for Post Quest Relaxation

We know a gamer's life is full of trials that test your charisma, intelligence, and strength. Our dice bath bombs are perfect for moments of reflection and ease as you prepare to take on your next quest with top performance. Immerse yourself in a world of softly scented charm and gain +1 constitution with this bath bomb set.


Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Epsom Salt, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Cream of Tartar, MCT (Coconut) Oil, Water, Lavender (40/42) Essential Oil, Purple Soap Colorant


After you speak the incantation to ensure your bath reaches its perfect temperature, immerse yourself in the warm waters, lavender bath bomb in hand. Within seconds, the de-stressing spell will start to take effect. All that will be left behind is your renewed strength and a special D20 Alchemy die to use in your next D&D adventure.


Are these lavender bath bombs made with sustainable ingredients?

Our bath bombs are made in the USA from sustainable sourced and natural ingredients, all of which are safe to use on the human body. 

Are these bath bombs vegan?

Though some of the ingredients we use cannot be made vegan, we strive to use vegan ingredients as much as we can in all of our recipes.

How many dice come in D20 Alchemy bath bombs?

Each of our bath bombs equip gamers with one 20-sided die. In a full bath bomb set, you will receive 6 dice in total!

Can these bath bombs be used on sensitive skin?

Our natural and sustainably sourced ingredients should be fine on sensitive skin! We know everyone has unique skin, however, so make sure to look through our ingredient list before using if you have concerns.

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For Questers of all Kinds

D20 Alchemy is pioneering in gamer self-care for questers of all varieties. Our bath bombs for sale are one-of-a-kind because they are made sustainably and with special attention to the needs of gamers like you. Whether you are training to take on a fearsome dragon or strategizing your party's next big heist, our dice bath bombs will provide top-tier rejuvenation. After the calming effects clear, you're left with a surprise to bring along on your next adventure.

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The D20 Alchemy world is made for relaxation and comradery. Come discuss your favorite scents and share the collectible treasure you've earned with your fellow adventurers. You'll find you are amongst friends who share your passion for mastering spells, taming monstrosities, and recounting stories of their most impressive victories. Join the D20 Alchemy Community in our gamer-focused self-care blog.