3 Pack Tea Tree Bath Bomb Box

Tea tree is a scent perfect for Paladins and advanced Warlocks. Its potent aroma is fresh and earthy with hints of pine. These tea tree bath bombs come with a surprise inside: a new D20 die! This potion is perfect for recovering after an especially tricky quest, soothing sore muscles and boosting your rate of recovery.

Bath Bombs with Surprises Inside: Treasure and Relaxation

A world of rejuvenation awaits when you sink into the comfort of our bath bombs. After a hard day of gaming, bath bombs with essential oils can bring you back to your original essence and prepare you to face your next greatest challenge. Unlock the door to new layers of soothing sensations when you purchase our tea tree bath bombs


Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Epsom Salt, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Cream of Tartar, MCT (Coconut) Oil, Water, Tea Tree (AAA Australian) Essential Oil, Green Soap Colorant


Your bath bomb is an essential treasure to bring with you as you sink into the steaming waters to wash away a day of battle. Let your mind and body rest and recover as you release your bath bomb with a surprise die inside. Watch the magic take hold and soon you’ll be floating in the fragrance of healing while holding your new favorite collectible die from D20 Alchemy.

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Finally! We have conjured the perfect spell to transport you to new planes of relaxation. As gamers, we know the trials that come with being a protector of many. Gain +1 constitution after you soak in the healing waters of our gaming bath bombs.

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