Recover From Your Quest with a D20 Alchemy Bath Bomb Set

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Embrace Superior Healing with Bath Bombs

D20 Alchemy bath bomb sets are as valuable as three Ioun Stones. Made by gamers, for gamers, you'll roll a critical success with our DnD bath bombs. Not only will you acquire their unique healing qualities, but you will also score collectible twenty-sided dice to use during your next D&D adventure. Shop our magical scents to take your post-quest relaxation to new heights.


Our lavender scented bath bomb set will transport you through a portal of relaxation into hidden worlds of bliss. Its soft purple color and alluring scent is a potion made for supreme comfort while you soak. These bath bombs come with a surprise advantage—a beautifully-crafted die to add to your collection!


The eucalyptus scent is as rejuvenating as the medicinal herbs used by the Druids. These DnD bath bombs will help revitalize your strength with the rich essence of the forest. Its bright yellow hue works to boost your mood and get you ready to return to your quest with confidence.

Tea Tree

The dynamic scent of our tea tree bath bombs will bring you back to your sharpest senses. The dreamy green color will serenade you down the lazy river to a relaxing evening after even the most challenging battles. These gamer-inspired bath bombs will ease your sore muscles and awaken your inner Barbarian.

Multi Scent Bath Bomb Box

Build your treasure hoard when you collect all three scents with our bath bomb gift set. Equipped with lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus bath balls, this mystical bath set is worthy of champions. Your adventure awaits when you dissolve each one to reveal your surprise d20. Your advantage is assured with our multi-scent bath bomb set.

Perfect for your Post-Quest Reboot

At D20 Alchemy, we’re creating a self-care experience like no other with bath products to elevate your gaming strategy. With our sustainably-made bath bombs, you'll be calm and collected after soaking your troubles away. Enter your next adventure refreshed and with a shiny new die to bring you luck on your saving throws!

Join our Merry Band of Adventurers

We know gamers because we are gamers. Our community contains many worlds and many different adventurers—explore them all and share your knowledge of the D&D universe. Luxuriate with our collection of surprise bath bombs while you explore a treasure trove of topics in our DnD blog fit for all explorers from beginner Clerics to the most advanced Sorcerers.