Spa-Like Comfort for Gamers

D20 Alchemy is creating nerdy self-care for questers of all kinds. We have traveled through various realms to gather ingredients for our one-of-a-kind, sustainably-made bath bombs. Now we can provide full health recovery for Clerics, Sorcerers, and Rangers. Along with providing calming elixirs to boost your health, we are also building a community of gamers who appreciate the art of strategy and rest. The D20 Alchemy community is perfect for gamers at all stages and creeds.

Meet D20 Alchemy’s Merry Band

D20 Alchemy was born when Carl and Liz embarked on an epic quest to solve the unique challenges gamers face. They combined their devotion to the gaming community with their skills from battling foes and found the solution. To fight sore muscles and the stress of training, they developed a rare tool for post-quest relaxation—gamer bath bombs.

Roll a Success with D20 Alchemy Bath Bombs

Our bath bomb sets provide a top-tier rejuvenating experience that can enhance your life force as well as your dice collection. After the calming effects fade, you will discover a surprise D20 die to help you on your next adventure. You have three magic potions to choose from: tea tree bath bombs, lavender bath bombs, and eucalyptus bath bombs, or collect them all with a bath bomb gift set. Shop now to bask in the soothing sensation of bathing luxury with D20 bath balls at a sensible price.