Prepare to embark on an enchanting journey with D20 Alchemy, where the sustainability of the natural world becomes magical bath bombs. In our realm, our team of diligent Dwarves mines ancient mountains searching for the finest raw materials while our Druids locate rare plants with healing properties. Once collected, our Rangers travel through treacherous lands, and avoid loud Bards, to bring these materials safely back to our camp. 

Here, our Artificers work closely with our Alchemists to extract beneficial properties and blend these materials with healing magic. The result? A premium bath bomb set that is kind to your skin and gentle on the environment. Step into our magical workshop and discover the art of crafting quality aromatherapy bath bombs that are sure to help you relax.

the alchemist process infographic
The Alchemist’s Process Infographics

Sustainable Sourcing

At D20 Alchemy, sustainability is part of our quest. Our Dwarves work diligently, traversing deep forests, scaling treacherous mountains, and diving into crystal-clear waters, to gather the various elements that make our natural bath bombs magical.

Every ingredient is picked with care, ensuring it aligns with our commitment to the earth and our customers. We believe the essence of true magic lies in harmony with nature, and our talented team works tirelessly to maintain that balance.

Compassionate Crafting

We craft our natural bath bombs using sustainable materials, and when possible, vegan ingredients. We understand the importance of compassion in crafting our products. When you choose D20 Alchemy, you’re choosing to immerse yourself in a magical community where nature’s powers are celebrated. 

Join us in this mystical journey, where we mine for treasure, and create enchanting elixirs for a bathtime that is a transcendent experience. Dive into our world of enchantment and discover quality aromatherapy bath bombs that transform your experience into complete enchantment!