The cold months of the year can be a difficult time for people with sensitive or dry skin. Dry weather conditions mixed with cold temperatures and lots of harsh, heavy fabrics in winter gear makes for an environment that is prone to causing skin to dry out and can even exacerbate some acne or skin conditions, making winter body care extra important. Thankfully, we have compiled our favorite winter skin care tips you can employ to prevent or minimize adverse skin effects and enjoy the winter with ease!

1. Start Before it’s Cold

It’s the first rule of dungeon delving, and the first one of skincare too: an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Skin care doesn’t have to wait for the winter, and your body will definitely thank you for it. Getting into the rhythm of winter skin and body care will prepare you for the cold climates to come, and will help your skin adjust to the new weather faster. By employing this winter skin care tip, you have the opportunity to discover how your skin reacts to particular products before the cold weather comes, where other irritants can be the culprit.

2. Wear Sunscreen

This tip may seem ridiculous, but it’s important for winter skin care! Even if the weather is cold, the sun is still emitting UV radiation that can damage your skin and lead to future irritations. During the winter, it’s recommended to use at least SPF 50 for people with particularly pale skin, or SPF 30 for those with darker complexions. Sunscreens are an easy way to practice body care in the winter, and it comes in many different kinds of application, from creams to sprays, and even sticks.

3. Avoid Extra Hot Showers and Baths

Bath tray over tub with book, candle, tea, and flowers

This winter skin care tip might not be one most want to hear, especially when the frigid air is colder than a cave draft. The truth is, though, showers and baths that are too hot can actually be detrimental to your skin’s health. The hot water itself washes away oils from the skin, but extra hot water removes the skin’s natural oils, reducing the protective layers that trap moisture in the skin. After these layers are removed, the steam from hot water also heats the skin, irritating the skin similar to a sunburn or a fireball. For the best winter body care, it’s best to limit hot showers to 15 minutes or so, or reduce the temperature of your bath to a mild heat instead. If you really want to go the extra mile, consider adding some bath bombs with essential oils or other nurturing ingredients, adding an extra layer of protection and prevention against the harsh winter climate.

4. Moisturize Often

This is another skin care tip that’s useful all year round, but particularly in the winter. The colder winter air is also drier, because colder air cannot hold as much water vapor. This dry air leads to dry skin, as the environment around you pulls out moisture from your skin. You can easily avoid it by carrying moisturizer with you like a healing potion you bring on your quests.

It’s best to avoid overly scented products if you can, as these can sometimes have alcohols or drying agents that don’t moisturize your skin as effectively. Instead, use a deep-moisturizing product that will last longer and moisturize deeper than traditional scented options.

5. Make Use of Essential Oils

Person applying essential oils to their winter skin

This body care tip will help more than just your skin in the winter! Essential oils are a great way to treat and prevent a lot of the issues that come during the winter, and dry skin is just one of them. For one, the essential oils you add to your bath help to prevent washing away too many of the natural, protective oils in your skin, helping to trap essential moisture in the layers. These oils can penetrate deeply in your skin and muscles, helping you to relax and rejuvenate. Eucalyptus essential oil, for example, is a particularly effective disinfectant and antiinflammatory, helping to clean and reduce irritated areas of the skin.

Essential oils are also good for mental health! Essential oils are full of effective scent chemicals, the unique potion of which confers calming and rejuvenating effects to the body and mind. Lavender, for example, is an incredibly calming essential oil that many use to calm the mind before bedtime. Consider trying a eucalyptus bath bomb or lavender bath bomb, and see the effects for yourself!

6. Exfoliate your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is an incredibly important winter skin care tip, and will help all of the other body care tips mentioned work even better! Every day, the outermost layers of your skin will die, and this old skin can slowly build up, getting in the way of other skin treatments. These extra layers prevent hydrating treatments from penetrating the skin properly, limiting their usefulness and clogging pores. By exfoliating your body, however, these outer layers of dead skin can be removed, making sure all hydrating treatments work with maximum effect. Just be mindful you don’t over-exfoliate as this can cause the same kind of irritation you’re trying to avoid.

Health Care Through Self Care

There are tons of ways to take care of your skin and everyone’s skin is unique. These winter skin and body care tips are a great first step to care for yourself as the winter comes. Explore the rest of D20 Alchemy’s self care blog to find skin and body care tips and articles all year long.

Carl Carngey